Monday, May 24, 2010

View from My Table, May 24th.

The weather this year have been very disappointing.  I was at Kindergarten today and missed taking a picture that was really snowy.  By the time I got home it was all wet and compacted.   My garden is very weak, I hope it warms up enough to plant before mid June.  I guess I will have to forget seeds and just to seedlings this year.  If I can find any.  Anytime I try to start stuff in doors I end up with a mess and nothing lives when I put it outside. Take my broccoli for instance.  I started cool weather broccoli this year and the day or two after I put it out we had a big hail storm that ripped it all to shreds.  Usually it just dies of heat or something.  At least this time it lived until the hail came.  Because of that nasty weather I also have had no flowers to enjoy.  I finally got a few tiny daffodils and thought I should cut those and take them inside to enjoy in a vase, but decided they would last longer outside.  WRONG.  The next day they were gone.  Stupid storms.   Honestly I don't know if I was young and naive or what because I do not remember weather this bad this late when I was younger.  I do remember a snow storm usually every April but that was surrounded by several nice days.   It seems the last several years have been bad way into June.  Ok, enough whining.  I have lots of work to accomplish today. 


cindy said...

Where do you live? Alaska?
All I can say is it must be the sign of the times. Changing of the seasons. It sure is messing up our garden too.

Tammy said...

I'm so disappointed with my flowers this year too because of this goofy weather. :(

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