Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Big Island

Another Birthday
This year my daughter wanted an island in the middle of an ocean with a palm tree and a beach chair.  
I don't get as fancy as I used to with my cakes.  I just don't have time.  She wanted chocolate which I couldn't fully cover with sand so just think of it as muddy sand or those spots on the beach where lots of dead seaweed and bugs get washed up in a bunch.

The party was decorated 'Luau' style with big blow-up palms and flowers and flamingos.  But the only pictures I got had girls in it and I didn't want to post any without their parents permission.  All the girls had leis and grass skits. 

The girls spent most of their time making shrinky dinks to put on charm braclets.  They were all very unique and cute.


Elizabeth-W said...

That is so cute!!! What did you make the tree out of? It looks like Rolos? And the leaves??

Nicky said...

Yup, rollos. I thought they looked very palm-treeish. The leaves are gomdrops but (and I knew this but went ahead anyway) I didn't make them long enough before to actually dry in time to put them on the cake. Which of course made them too droopy and so I put them on absolutley last minute and didn't bother making the top cleaned up looking.

Tammy said...

Fun cake! I had no idea they still made shrinky dinks!! What a fun party!

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