Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dixie Salad

Dixie Salad, a Southern Utah tradition.
One of my favorite things about having Thanksgiving with my Sister's family is that her daughter always brings traditional Southern Utah Dixie Salad.  I looked around for a recipe online and couldn't find one that sounded just like hers.  So I broke down and called her.  Horror, I know, what kind of family doesn't call each other?  Mine.  At least I don't.  Maybe it has to do with my not liking to call anybody in general.  As a secretary in PTA and Church I have to call people often, but I do not like it.  Maybe it's because I usually am calling to ask them something and have a fear of rejection.  Anyway I asked her and was pleased with her answer.  4 simple ingredients.  Some recipes I found had mayonnaise and pineapple and one or two other things, they just didn't sound as appealing.

Whipped Cream

Pecan trees are everywhere in my Sister's little town.  You can hardly walk down the street without crunching some under your feet.  And since it's warm pomegranates grow very well too.  Thus the 'Dixie', as southern Utah is often called, in the Dixie Salad.  I love the crunchy sweet combination and it feels like I'm eating healthy, although the whipped cream doesn't exactly help in that area.  You need a little dairy though, right?

You can combine the ingredients in any proportion you would like.  I made a small salad just for myself this time for lunch. So it only had 1 apple, 1 small pomegranate and a handful of nuts. I also used whipped table cream because that is what I had on hand, and not much of it to keep it healthier for me.  But I do like a lot of cream on it.   You can add some sugar to the cream or use cool-whip as well.

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cindy said...

That sounds and looks so yummy! I think I'm going to try it this week for dinner or maybe lunch, that way I won't have to share!!
I'm glad to hear that there's someone else in this world that HATES to call people. I have a phobia of it. I'm always afraid too that someone is going to turn me down. I'm glad I'm not alone!

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