Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini Notebooks

My daughter and I had fun making these tiny notebooks. They are quick and easy.  My daughter loves having notebooks to write stuff, from random stuff to diaries and stories.  So I thought she would enjoy this simple craft.

I always get little thoughts like "as soon as I get home I need to find...... and take it to......"  But as soon as I get home I don't remember, I thought maybe if I put it on my key chain I would remember to write it down, then remember it.  So far it hasn't worked.  
First, take a sheet of paper and cut in half long-ways.  Fold that in half long-ways.

Then I start in the middle and do a half fold, and continue with halves until I get an accordion.  
Take a quarter strip, cut long-ways again, from a colored 'cover' paper, (ours was thicker than regular printer paper but not as thick as card stock, I'm sure anything will work)  and measure around your book and cut to length.  You can't just take a quarter of the strip because the layers of the pages add length to the cover. 
Hold the pages together and elmer glue the the edge/side with the most folds.

Then wrap the cover around, pressing on the spine to get it connected and wrap with a rubber band, cross of the band on the open side of the book.  This holds it together while the glue dries and put two little bind marks on the spine.

When dry enough, about an hour or two, remove rubber band and trim edges of book to cut off the folded edges (two sides) so it will allow all the pages to open.

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