Monday, January 18, 2010

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love the smell of browned butter.  Who couldn't?  And when I saw this recipe I was determined to try it.  When an opportunity came I pulled out the recipe.    Since my last doctor visit confirmed my suspicions of elevated insulin levels, no to mention cholesterol,  I have to have a good excuse to pull out the baking pans, much to my sorrow!  Thank you church functions that always need refreshments! 

This is the recipe I first found and so used is from this blog.   Along with browned butter it also uses toasted and then ground oatmeal and toasted nuts.

I only used half the nuts and ground them up fine because the cookies were for my Son's function and he doesn't like big nuts.

I liked the flavor the butter added.  I found that it was more pronounced if the cookies were baked a little longer.  I wish butter was still an important diet staple like it once was when the Pioneers needed the fat. I am reminded of a story of my GGG Grandfather who when he was traveling with some companions they thought he ate too much butter and tried to make him sick of butter by making him eat a pound for dinner and not letting him have any meat.  They tried the next day too and he said he would but they wouldn't be able to make him sick as his mother had also tried it when he was young.  They finally gave up.   Clearly I would not eat a straight pound but I sure like to cook with it.

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