Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Dress

Since Most of our basement is in our main floor, the Sewing machine has taken up a permanent residence on my table.  Therefore this project totally qualifies for A Good Table. 

I've always wanted to, but never made an Easter dress for my daughter.  She found some material she liked and it actually started as a project for her.  She did some of the sewing but lost interest soon like many projects.   It turned out HUGE on her.  I took in a few inches on the side and I still had to pin it in.  Poor girl is tall and extra thin.  I only hope for her sake, she keeps that figure, like her father, and doesn't end up like me.  


Tammy said...

That is a CUTE dress! I never did learn to sew :(. I tried . . . I just never found a passion for it.

Elizabeth-W said...

So cute. :)
She's a total combo of both you and Dave!

Nicky said...

EW, Thankfully she seems to have gotten our best points. Dave's skinny and calm, my hair. I'm glad it wasn't my fat and temper and his hair.

Thayne6 said...

The dress turned out great!! Good job!
--Jamie T.

Mindi B said...

Nice job!!! Cute fabric too! Way to go :)

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