Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finger Weaving Scarf.

My daughter made this fun scarf using the idea from finger weaving.  I decided we needed a loom to make a long thing easier and heaven forbid that I buy such a thing.  I drilled some holes in a piece of leftover wood and chopped a dowel.  Ok, my carpentry skills are lacking, I know.  But the thing did the job.  She was able to complete this scarf in a couple of hours and is making more.

To finger weave, simply wind the yarn around your fingers of your not dominate hand, front and back and then back to the first, then one more time forward and back so you see two threads on each finger.

Lift the bottom thread over the top thread and over your finger. Do this on all fingers.  Then repeat the winding thread over the fingers until you have two threads again and lift etc....


Tammy said...

You are creative! I never would have thought to make my own "loom"!

jb said...

This would be a fun activity day project--making the loom--oh I mean scarf. Well both. I think your carpentry skills are 'wooderful'.

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