Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pop Can Glazed Roast Chicken

I saw this episode on America's test Kitchen. When I found tall pop cans (because we don't drink beer) for sale I grabbed some and gave the recipe a go. I've heard of people using gingerale but all I had was lemon/lime.

There were several extra steps as ATK usually has, but it turned out alright. I don't think, for me, that it was any better than a regular roast however and probably won't go to the trouble again.  I may use the same rub or return to the oven process but not the can. 

Basically they added  1 teas. baking powder to salt and pepper and used for a rub.  The baking powder helped to dry out the skin more.  Then it was roasted at 375 deg. for about 80 min.  then the oven was turned up to 500 deg. for an additional 25 min. to crisp up the skin.  Then a glaze was brushed on and returned for 5 min to set it.   To see the full recipe go to American's Test Kitchen.  You have to register to use the site and for free you can view the recipes from the current season.   Glazed Roast Chicken. 

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Elizabeth-W said...

Looking at this picture gave me Thanksgiving cooking anxiety.
I love reading all your adventures.

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