Friday, October 30, 2009


I said at the beginning of this blog it was a sort of Baking and Craft blog.  Well I am proud to say I finally, the day before Halloween, finished the last of this years halloween crafts.   I am a sucker for cute halloween things to paint.  I am running out of places to put them.    These were all done with acryllic paints.  I really am going to have to invest in my own scroll saw someday.

This piece actually fell and broke into 7 different pieces the day I finished it.  I was able to fix it but it it messed up the glitter.

I'm not super happy with this one, It's too bright, I need to shade the W and T a bit.  But I am leaving it for now.

Thanks for looking!


Tammy said...

So cute Nicky and now I'm jealous! I saw all of these last week on display at the store but all the wood was gone. How did you do the spiderweb on "boo"? Did you use the special glittery glue stuff they sell to make the letters sparkly?

Nicky said...

Tammy . . . I used decorative paper on the B and O and went over the web with glue, then glitter. Glittery glue may have been easier but I didn't have any. Thanks.

jb said...

These are way cute, you should do a craft class once a month or something. And the fact that Spooky broke, makes it even 'spookier'!

Tammy said...

Even more impressive if you did glue then glitter!

I agree with the jb's comment that you should do a monthly craft class! And start this month because I have TWO thanksgiving decorations. That's it.

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