Friday, October 9, 2009

Easy Chocolate Cream Pie

This week has been a kind of rough week for our family. So in an attempt to help lighten the mood around here I decided to make pie. Two of my kids will eat cream-type pies. The youngest will pretty much not touch any pie. Any attempt to get him to taste any pie is pretty much failure. Actually last week I did force him to take a bite of the apple pie crust, which I may say was my best crust ever. He finally did so with much grimacing.

Anyway with the cream pie thing in mind I decided on an easy chocolate pie that I make. Actually I usually don't eat it as pie, just simply the chocolate part. But this time I decided to dress it up with a simple pate sablee type crust. You know the kind with the flour, chopped nuts, brown sugar, butter.

The filling is simply 8 oz cream cheese, 1 small box instant chocolate pudding + milk, and some cool whip. I would prefer to use whip cream but my husband doesn't tolerate milk too well. When you use fat free cream cheese, sugar free pudding and skim milk, it is almost guilt free as well! (if you leave the crust off)

*note - the small chocolate flecks in the filling are from using the sugar free version of pudding. I haven't figured out how to not have that happen. If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, share.

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