Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Fun

As always the Monday before Halloween we did pumpkins.  This year we painted them instead of carving.  We only had 1 hour due to dance lessons and cleaning out pumpkins does take a while.  It's also easier for the kids to do and no sharp implements to worry about.  Luckily my paints were not buried in the basement finishing project.  But now they are stuck upstairs for a while, yeah! more stuff to step over.

Robot Pumpkin side 1

Robot Pumpkin side 2&3

Witch, mirror of halloween costume

other side of witch

This Pumpkin bids you to collect candy at this house.

This is actually a squash of course, courtesy of the neighbor who grows them every year and a few end up on our side of the fence.  I don't actually like squash so it got painted instead of eaten.  No the toe didn't get painted long, the paint dripped and I didn't get it wiped up.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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